Digital Storm touts vertically cooled gaming rig

Digital Storm has debuted a new vertically cooled gaming rig. The PC – dubbed Black|OPS Assassin – is reportedly capable of minimizing heat buildup from a three-way SLI configuration of Nvidia’s GTX 480s with minimal fan noise.

According to Digital Storm spokesperson Rajeev Kuruppu, the Assassin is the company’s latest system to be released under its Black|OPS brand, which is “notorious” for delivering “benchmark busting” performance.

“Each Assassin system contains a chassis that naturally promotes vertical heat dissipation by taking advantage of heat’s naturally tendency to rise. With three enormous 180mm fans positioned at the bottom of the chassis, cold air is pumped into the machine & warm air is forced out through the top of the chassis,” Kuruppu told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“Next, Assassin receives Digital Storm’s Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System treatment which not only removes performance inhibiting heat from the processor, but also from the motherboard’s chipset and voltage regulators. The combination of these processes results in outrageous overclocking potential, with recorded overclocks of 4.4GHz and higher.”

Kuruppu explained that the vertically cooled gaming rig was targeted at hardcore gamers and enthusiasts who demanded the “most astonishing graphics performance” available on the market.

“Assassin is the system that performance enthusiasts have been waiting for. The pairing of exceptional components, patented processes and bleeding-edge design enables components to be pushed far beyond what any other gaming PC on the market today can promise.”