Twitter fixes embarrassing security glitch

Twitter is back to normal after fixing a rather embarrassing security glitch that allowed users to forcibly add celebrity members of the popular social networking site to their “followers” list.

A number of publications – including Gizmodo – posted step-by-step guides on how to exploit the glitch before Twitter fixed the bug and rolled back “all abuse” that took place.

However, Twitter temporarily reset the number of followers to zero [now fixed], which prompted complaints from a slew of celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutscher.

“Hackers i send a warning. U have now pissed off over 2 million teenage girls,” Tweeted a disappointed Justin Bieber.

“They are more dangerous than Navy Seals. Only CHUCK NORRIS can save us now…he is the only one still following all of us. Haha.”

Unsurprisingly, Ashton Kutscher seemed equally upset about his lack of followers.

“Twitter is being hacked by some Turkish hacker. Haha. I have 0 followers,” fretted Kutscher before realizing that Twitter had posted an update. 

“Whew! There’s an update from Twitter…missing relationships are being restored.”