Vantec rolls out a WiFi hard drive dock

Vantec has rolled out a Wifi hard drive dock that allows users to slot in any SATA 2.5 or 3.5-inch hard drive and easily access data via an Android device or Apple iphone, iPad and iPad touch.

Indeed, Vantec has coded apps for both iOS and Android that make interacting with the new WiFi-enabled dock even easier with features like Airplay support.

“With the increasing usage of mobile smart devices in our daily lives, data capacity becomes an issue and to process file-sharing without an internet-ready network can also become an inconvenience,” a Vantec rep explained.

“[Essentially, the] NexStar WiFi creates a centralized hub for all types of data and file sharing. In addition, PC computer and Mac can also share files wirelessly over the SMB protocol.”

As expected, the NexStar WiFi is also UPnP capable, meaning media players and media centers can easily browse files when they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network from the NexStar.

Additional features include a USB 3.0 external interface that works with the current USB 3.0 standard for faster file transfer.

The NexStar WiFi HD dock will be available later this month, with pricing to be announced over the next few days.