Video: YouTube debuts Capture for iPhone and iPod touch

Google has launched its new Captured app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, with support for Android expected at some point in the near future.

Essentially, YouTube Capture is ready to record as soon as you open the app. When you’re done filming, write a caption, select which networks you want to share with and hit share.

“Even if you minimize the app, the video will keep uploading in the background,” explained Google rep Reed Morse. 

“You can control who sees your video by setting it to private (only you can view it), unlisted (only people with a link to the video can view it), or public (to let it shine to the world).

According to Morse, Capture is more than just a point-and-shoot app, as it also allows users to stabilize video and optimize bad lighting with color correction, as well as trim the length and add free background music from YouTube.

“These enhancements are also available on existing videos on your device, and you can always undo enhancements later on,” added Morse.

YouTube Capture is currently available today on Apple’s App Store. As noted above, and Android version is not yet live, but should be launched at some point in the relatively near future.