Google mysteriously teases Gingerbread update

We’re all waiting for details about Android’s next major update, known as “Gingerbread” which will bring the operating system to version 2.3. After waiting through last week with no new info, Google is now teasing us with a new Twitter message.

On an official Google Twitter account, the following message was Tweeted:

“Our cafes are baking something sweet.”

It doesn’t take a genius to infer the message is referring to the Gingerbread update.

But just in case you were unsure, Google also attached a link to the image above. Looks like Android-shaped gingerbread cookies to us.

Google has gained notoriety for naming its Android upgrades after various confections. The current version out there, Android 2.2, is also known as Froyo, or Frozen Yogurt. Before that was Eclair, and in the future, Android 3.0 is already being referred to as Honeycomb.

We had been expecting some breaking Gingerbread news last week, along with the announcement of the Nexus Two. We instead got news that the Nexus Two was being internally delayed before passing on any info to the public, and then received no news on Gingerbread.

The new scuttlebutt is that Google will detail Gingerbread during a Web 2.0 conference this week. The new operating system is expected to bring multiple new upgrades to Android, even though the majority of users still haven’t received the upgrade to Froyo yet.

And we’re expecting a Honeycomb launch before too long next year. So, Gingerbread is already finding itself in a very interesting position.