Microsoft’s failed Kin might be making a comeback

Even though it was considered one of Microsoft’s biggest flops in the mobile sector, Kin might be resurrected by Verizon – the exclusive carrer that found itself with thousands of unsold units once MS pulled the plug on the platform.

The Kin One and Kin Two phones launched exclusively for Verizon earlier this year and lasted just a few weeks before Microsoft pulled them, and canceled plans for an international rollout. It had planned to be Microsoft’s transitional phone platform in between Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7.

However, a blog called PPC Geeks posted what appears to be an internal document from Verizon showing plans to sell off the thousands of Kin phones that never sold.

It would be a strange move, to say the least. After all, Verizon pulled all of its stock after Microsoft killed the platform, and couldn’t even sell them off at prices of up to 50% off their initial list price.

However, it seems as though when (if?) these phones make a comeback, consumers won’t be forced to sign up for Verizon’s $30-a-month data plan. That was something that certainly helped to kill interest in the devices. After all, they’re pretty basic in terms of functionality and aimed at people with only menial needs for Web content (e-mail, Facebook, and instant messaging).

This of course comes at a time when Microsoft is also reeling over weak sales of its newest phone platform. Windows Phone 7 launch sales have been tepid at best, and abysmal at worst. The software giant is just having difficulty connecting with a society dominated by Android and the iPhone. Perhaps bringing back Kin for a second round could help at least counter-balance Windows Phone 7, a basket in which it currently has all its eggs and which is dominated by high-end, expensive devices.