Fusion Garage showcases JooJoo Internet tablet

Fusion Garage has showcased its version of Michael Arrington’s aborted CrunchPad.

“The death of [this device] has been greatly exaggerated,” Fusion Garage CEO Chandrasekar “Chandra” Rathakrishnan told reporters during a web conference. ??

According to Chandra, the redesigned $500 JooJoo is capable of booting up in just 9 seconds.

“The Internet is the application for the device. It is the first to boot within 9 seconds. Not 2 minutes, not 30 seconds, but a 9 second boot time. JooJoo truly comes close [to achieving] instant on.”??

Chandra explained that the device will feature a 12.1 inch touchscreen capable of displaying rich Internet content and streaming HD video.

“The JooJo has no physical buttons except for a [single] on/off switch,” said Chandra.

“Everything on this ultra-portable device is done by touch. It is built from the ground up and offers a revolutionary UI without preloaded apps. It offers support for slide gestures, scrolling, e-books, digital newspapers and music [playback].” ??

Chandra also commented on Arrington’s expected response to Fusion’s version of the CrunchPad.

“Despite what has been written, no suit or legal case has been filed. We are very confident that we own the IP for JooJoo and will defend it. No contracts have been signed,” claimed Chandra. ??

“Michael made many promises, that he would deliver on many things, none of which came through. We have been working with him for the last year and a half but had to move on. We [Fusion Garage] did the hardware, software and even funding…Michael did not accept our latest offer to work together.”??

The JooJoo Internet tablet will be available for sale online beginning December 11, 2009.
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