AMD runs Dragon Age: Origins at 5760×1200

AMD has released an HD video of Dragon Age: Origins being played on three monitors at a resolution of 5760×1200. According to AMD spokesperson David Baumann, the demo system was powered by a Radeon HD 5800 GPU and ATI’s advanced Eyefinity technology.

“We’ve seen an incredibly positive reaction to Eyefinity, up and down the industry, from the ISV’s and OEM,” Baumann told TG Daily.

“Of course, most importantly, we’re seeing that there is a strong and immediate position reaction from end users that experience an Eyefinity setup. This is one of those technologies that once you experience it you really get it.”

Baumann explained that AMD recently held a LAN “Eyefinity Challenge” with [H]ardOCP to showcase the multi-display technology.  
?”We had groups of people come in and play in a LAN game with half the users on playing on a single panel and the other half on an Eyefinity, triple panel setup and then had them swap over; the feedback from the users was very positive in terms of the increased level of immersion in the game and frequently people commented that they felt they actually played better on the Eyefinity setups.”

Baumann added that he has personally played a number of titles optimized for ATI’s Eyefinity.

“Generally speaking I see lots of benefits in racing and FPS titles. I have an Eyefinity setup on my desktop at work and so I get to try out a lot of titles, and I also see the productivity gains from having three panels of info available as well.”

“AMD is talking to all developers that we are in regular contact with and promoting the use of Eyefinity style aspect ratios in the game, hence the success we are seeing with new titles such as Dragon Age: Origins and DiRT2 and we expect to see many more titles coming up with native Eyefinity support in the future.”

He noted that AMD would continue to “raise the bar” for gamers in numerous areas, including resolution, FPS and next-generation Eyefinity capabilities.

“It’s a continuation of all of the above, added with new 3D technology advancements such as those found in DirectX 11 and additionally we expect to see more advancements in the use of AI and Physics within games yet. We’ve still got a long development path towards to photorealism and immersion yet.”

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