Foxconn preps Apple tablet for 2010 launch

Apple has reportedly selected Foxconn Electronics to manufacture its shiny tablet PC. According to DigiTimes, the enigmatic device will be available during the first quarter of 2010, with an expected initial production run of between 300,000-400,000.

The Apple tablet – which is likely to focus on e-book functionality rather than music – apparently features a 10.6-inch display, extended battery life, an interactive GUI and fast Internet connectivity.

Sam Oliver of AppleInsider, who appeared to corroborate the DigiTimes report, noted that the 3G-enabled device is believed to run on a custom chip from P.A. Semi.

“The information regarding marketing the tablet as an e-reader would seem to bolster recent reports that Apple has reached out to publishers and gained their interest in reproducing content on the device,” wrote Oliver.

Apple’s elusive tablet is likely to face significant competition, as HP and other manufacturers prepare to debut a range of tablet-style touchscreen devices during the second quarter of 2010.

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