Football fans get fanboi game

You might feel that soccer fans already get enough of a chance to present their opinions on the game, but a new service is designed to make it even easier.

Described as a social network for football fans, Youfoot makes it easier to create blogs with all the detail the most diehard fan could wish for, and to manage amateur teams and tournaments.

The idea came when CEO Fabrice Lorenceau tried to create a blog on the World Cup three years ago to entertain his friends. “I was taking this very seriously, and I thought I’d spice it up and put a table of standing in. But I’m a football fan, not an engineer,” he says, plaintively.

“You can show your talent, comment on matches, contribute to the ‘football Bible’, find players and plan events,” says Lorenceau. Clicking on different icons and elements generates impressive-looking graphics and tables.  

The service is due to launch this month as a private beta. If all goes well, expect to see it expanded to other sports.