Would you ditch Android or BlackBerry for the iPhone?

Would you ditch Android or BlackBerry for the iPhone? If so, you are not alone. Indeed, over 54% of Verizon subscribers who use Android or BlackBerry smartphones are ready to make the big switch.

According to a recent survey conducted by uSamp, more than half are “very likely” (25%) or “likely” (29%) to switch to the iPhone when it finally arrives on the Verizon network on February 10th.

As AppleInsider’s Josh Ong notes, the above-mentioned poll could signal “particularly grim news” for RIM, as BlackBerry users (66%) indicated a particularly higher interest in adopting iOS, compared to just 44% of Android enthusiasts.

“RIM’s BlackBerry has lost significant share on Verizon as the carrier has heavily promoted its Android offerings,” explained Ong.

“With the arrival of the iPhone, the BlackBerry on Verizon has been relegated to third place.”

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the survey also noted that a whopping 26% of AT&T customers confirmed plans to purchase the Verizon iPhone on launch day. 

Clearly, the big winners here are Verizon and Apple.

RIM and AT&T stand likely to lose the most from a Verizon iPhone, while the jury is probably still out on Android.