Firefox addon aims to save you money

An extension to browser Firefox will suggest cheaper prices for products you browse on the internet.

The “Invisible Hand” is currently in beta and is building a list of both US and UK retailers.

Afer you download the product, and you look for a particular product, it does an invisible search on other retailers and if it finds one that is cheaper will alert you.

For example, we did a search on UK site PC world for the Asus Eee PC 1005HA Seashell, listed there at £279.99. The Invisible Hand alerted us that this item costs £17.97 less at Amazon UK, and provides a link to the correct page showing the item at £262.02.

The developers say that the addon is currently only available for Firefox, but have plans to support Internet Explorer too.

You can download the addon and check out the supported retails at