Twitter finally finds way to make money

New York (NY) – Uber-trendy microblogging service Twitter has long puzzled observers with its revenue model, mainly because it doesn’t have one.

What happens when the venture capital runs out is anyone’s guess, because no matter how many tragically hip young people sign up to bore the pants off their friends by telling them how delicious this blueberry muffin is, Twitter doesn’t make a cent on the deal.

Luckily, someone at Twit Central has just realised that the easiest way to raise some revenue is to resort to that most American of money-raising methods – suing people.

New Yorker Dean Collins has received a cease and desist order from the folks at Fenwick & West, a Californian law firm, telling him that his mytwitterbutler service has to go because it has the T word in its URL and the domain must be handed over before August 24 or else.

“Is this the end for Twitter 3rd party developers?” sobs Collins. “Have they forgotten that it was people like me who saw a need and built an application using the publicly defined Twitter API to add value to the Twitter ecosystem?”

Collins adds that he has asked Twitter’s lawyers for a conference call to clear up why they feel anyone using the twitter API to automatically follow people is an illegal act and is ‘looking forward to discovering why the twitter API was built in the first place if they want to sue people for using it’.

The miscreant also wonders aloud exactly how people might be confused into believing his application is related to Twitter, as every page is labelled: “Copyright 2009 © My Twitter Butler – Not related in anyway to Twitter Inc.”

It is also worth noting that Twitter’s legal team hasn’t really grasped the microblogging concept as the threatening letter contains considerably more than 140 characters. You’d think they might at least try to get with the program.