Farmville comes to the iPhone

When the world’s most popular social media game meets the world’s most popular mobile phone, you can’t help but feel the synergy.

Farmville is an interactive farming game on Facebook. The idea is that users will log into the game every day for a few minutes to tend to their crops and livestock, and post updates to their Facebook profile.

Now for the first time, users can take their farm on the go in a dedicated Farmville app. Available on the new iOS platform, users can link to their existing Farmville account on Facebook and immediately pick up where they last left off.

More than 64 million Facebook users actively play Farmville every month, easily making it the most popular title in the still-expanding market of social media games. Originally developed as a basic and free game, Farmville now rakes in millions of dollars every month by asking users to pay real money for virtual goods in the game.

Those same micro-transactions are available in the iPhone app. And the game’s developer, Zynga, promises that several items will be exclusive to people who are addicted enough that they will actually use the mobile app, which in and of itself is a free download.

The Farmville mobile game requires an iPod Touch or iPhone 3GS with iOS 3.0, an iPhone 4, or an iPad. Or, heck, even all three.