‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart wants to be in 3D

Kristen Stewart, or as millions of hardcore geeky fans know her, Bella Swan, wants the next and final installment in the Twilight movie series to be presented in 3D.

Stewart was promoting the current release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in an interview with UK celeb site DailyStar, when she said that she personally hopes the next film will follow the new trend of releasing big-name sequels in 3D.

“I’m probably speaking out of line or whatever, but I think it would be awesome,” said Stewart. “Nobody knows what it’s like to look through the eyes of a vampire. What if (Bella) opens her eyes to this extraordinary world? It could be cool.”

Stewart also commented that she didn’t even think the entire movie would have to be in 3D, but it would be worthwhile to have an Avatar-like experience where viewers can literally feel as though they are in a fantastical world.

Summit, the studio behind the Twilight series, has not made any comment on whether or not there are any 3D plans for the next title.

Shooting of the last Twilight film, “Breaking Dawn,” is expected to begin soon after Eclipse makes its run through theaters.