Almost everyone who uses the Internet now watches online video

Google’s stranglehold on the online video market is stronger than ever before, raking in more video activity than its closest eight competitors combined, times four.

That is according to the latest Comscore data, released today for the month of May. 14.6 billion clips were streamed on Google-owned sites, almost entirely all from Youtube. And the 145 million unique visitors who went to Youtube during the month all viewed an average of 101.2 videos throughout the 31-day time span. That’s more than 3 videos every day. Just think about that for a while…

With those numbers, Google nabbed an online video market share of 43.1%. That somehow still seems low, but there are hundreds of video sharing sites that are taking just minuscule amounts of market share, but in aggregate add up. What’s noteworthy is that the second-place site, Hulu, only took in 3.5% of the market share. So Google is outpacing its closest competition by a margin of more than 12-to-1.

Microsoft grabbed 1.9% with 642,000 videos viewed in May, followed by Vevo, Viacom, Yahoo, CBS Interactive, Turner, and Fox Interactive, each with around 1%.

More than half of the country is now watching online video on a monthly basis. Comscore reports that 183 million US residents tuned into at least some online video portal last month.

According to a US Department of Commerce report earlier this year, a little over a third of the country does not regularly access the Internet at all, anywhere. So of those who do actually have access to the World Wide Web, more than 90% of them watch online video.