Facial Recognition and Cashless Payment Options in Intelligent Vending Machines Revolutionize the Old Ones

In recent years, technology advancement has outreached in every sector. Emergence of intelligent vending machine is another unique trend of meeting consumers’ requirement. This new type of vending machine is not the ordinary ones that dispense food and drinks, it features many enhanced options for payment and more. Today, its popularity is growing in countries like USA where vending machines are widely used. The evolution of these machines has started to attract more customers than before. As the problems of obesity and unhealthy diets persist among certain demographic, the new advancement in vending machines focuses on the capabilities of displaying relevant information of the products to make the consumers more aware. It also offers new technologies such as near field communication, telemetry systems, voice recognition, digital signage, ERP (Enterprise resource planning), etc.

Remarkable Trends in Intelligent Vending Machines

Moving forward from the conventional mechanism, there are certain new trends that transformed the vending machines:

  • Easy and Cashless Payments

With the new technology and advanced payment options in intelligent vending machine, consumers need not make efforts to carry cash to use it. It features smart payments through debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, NFC, and others. Tech giants like Apple and Google have also initiated pairing with their innovations such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

  • Smartphone-Enabled

There seem to be no task that smartphones couldn’t solve. Some intelligent vending machines have enabled interaction with smartphones in real time. When a customer stands nearby a vending machine, a mobile app will determine the machine, and present options on the phone of the customer. Artificial intelligence powered mobile app are also targeting on gathering more information about the customers’ preferences for future promotion.

  • Facial and Voice Recognition

Intelligent vending machines have large LCD screens on the front door which allows the interaction with the customer. When users approach towards the machine, it recognizes the consumer, and offers menu based on previous purchases and even prevents them from entering restricted products. Some machines also recognize voices of the consumer, and allow command of the choices.

  • Saves Energy

Due to increase in sustainable lifestyle, manufactures are also focusing on developing machines that are environmental friendly and requires less energy. Ultra energy-saving vending machines use vacuum-insulated materials and airtight doors to keep the beverages cold without the use of refrigerators. These innovations prevents the over consumption of energy, reduces bills, and take a step forward to save the planet.

  • Self-Inventory

Intelligent vending machines collect and store a huge collection of data including users’ payment information and their preferences. The machine also monitors its own stock and are capable of making self-inventory decisions. Additionally, responds to external weather or climatic conditions and stops order for certain items like ice-cream during winter to save additional costs as well as reduce waste.

Although these smart machines are growing in demand, there are certain concerns about security and privacy. The retail or manufacturing industries need to assure consumers data is safe and secure. With increase in cashless and e-payments, there are certain risks for system hacking and outsourcing of private information of the consumer. Retailers, therefore, are focusing on delivering safer payment options which will improve the sale of intelligent vending machines.

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