Importance Of Social Media For Your Startup

Social Media is a great source to market your company products and services online. It provides you with opportunities to segment the market as per your needs. Social media is also very cost effective as compared to other marketing channels for your startup.

As the owner of your startup, you have to make sure that your company creates a social presence. In the initial stage of your startup, you might not have a single social media account. As time goes on, you need to make sure that you get yourself familiarized with all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Failure to do this will only hurt your startup that are you trying to launch.

Companies equip themselves with inhouse teams who handle all the social media platforms of the company or they outsource the process to a leading digital marketing agency.

Here are some of the primary reasons why you need social media for your startup:

Increase in Exposure:

Research has shown that 85% of marketers noted gains in business exposure due to social media. Social media helps you to reach a large number of audience in a very quick time. By doing this, your startup will be in front of your target audience.


Targeted Traffic and Lead Generation:

Your social media posts will provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through your site. As these posts will primarily show up in the feeds of your followers, they will drive a targeted traffic to your website which will in-turn generate leads for the company.

Build Relationships with your Audience:

Don’t hard sell your products or services to your audience. This way is not going to work for your startup. Try to see your social media platform as a means to connect with your audience. This way your startup will transform as a brand. Help customers by answering their questions, entertain and inform them with relevant content. Build connections with industry leaders and influencers and provide them useful content. Over time, you’ll become more than a brand – you’ll be a part of a community.

Reduced Marketing Costs:

By boosting the right social media posts at the right time, you can bring in a lot of traffic to your website at a very minimal cost. More traffic to the website means more chances of leads for your startup.

Improved Sales:

Building a good social media presence is a slow process. You need to have patience with your social media marketing efforts. Create relevant content on all social media platforms and you will notice a gradual increase in your sales.

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Improved Search Rankings:

Research has found that 55% of marketers on social media experienced improvements in search rankings. The more time they invested on social media, the better became the rankings.


Right Social Media Strategy:

Your competition is already social. Bigger brands may have a sophisticated social media presence but SME’s rarely do. So, what you need to do to surpass your competition is by creating a right social media strategy which includes posting good content regularly and responding to comments and messages promptly.

More Loyal Fans:

Once you have created a strong brand presence on social media, you will have a good number of loyal fans which will stay with your brand for lifetime. You need to provide value to your customers via your social media platforms.


Your social media platforms are leads generations sources for you. Once you have converted your leads to customers, they can give references of other leads requiring your products or services. This is like a chain of customers where you can get more by providing valuable products or services to the present set of customers.

Social Media Marketing is Fun:

It’s fun to do social media marketing. Social Media marketing gives you a chance to build real connections with customers while you are having a cup of coffee in your office. It’s when, that one perfect tweet goes viral that brings your social media platform lots of views, followers, and comments, you will feel like a winner.