Facebook or coffee in the morning?

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Drink a cup of coffee? Nah, you check Facebook – of course!

According to Ericsson, at least 35% of Android and iPhone U.S. owners access various mobile phone apps before they even roll out of bed.

As expected, social networking apps are the most popular, with 18% of users checking their social network accounts (mostly Facebook) just seconds after waking up.

Meanwhile, it seems as if 20% of people also check Facebook just before going to sleep every night.

And not even dinner can make smartphone users stay away from the ‘Net, as 26% of use their phones in some way during the meal.

Interestingly enough, 250 million Facebook users log into the popular social networking site using mobile devices.

Smartphone manufacturers have adapted to the trend, offering fast access features on their phones and even a dedicated FB button as featured on HTC’s Cha-Cha and Salsa phones.

Pete Cunningham, analyst at Canalys, believes more mobile manufacturers are likely to integrate Facebook-related features, but says they will need to find ways of distinguishing their devices from the competition.

[Via NetworkWorld]