The poisons and countdowns of The Event

We now have confirmation that The Event will not be back. Ironically, it was just getting interesting.

Perhaps it’s because the writers of the show were able to see the writing on the wall same as we did, and probably much sooner. The Event is accelerating at a break-neck pace toward what seems to be some kind of conclusion.

The show’s plot has picked up significantly over the past few episodes, answering vital questions, and running through the drama. Judging from the previous pace of the show (before the ratings decline), nothing was intended to move this quickly.

It’s almost as if they are taking the over-arcing plan they had for 4-6 seasons worth of adventures, and cramming them all into these last few episodes. Every episode seems to end with a season finale worthy revelation.

Rather than making it feel rushed, however, it’s actually improving the show, and it’s made me look forward to the series finale.

The conflict and intrigue at the office of the president has reached monumental levels, and it seems we’re finally going to see terrible people get their due.

The unnaturally likable Agent Lee is crafting his redemption, and Sofia is allowing herself to descend into the deepest pits of egocentricity, while remaining pitiable and, almost, relatable. 

The show’s writers have done a good job of composing an enemy for the protagonists who don’t fall into the category of boogey-man, but also are clearly identifiable as a force of “the other.”

Shawn’s story is also getting patched up a bit. His relationship with the assassin is a floating drama, well-buoyed by the action they get themselves into. In addition, he’s starting to feel just a bit more human: On top of that mall, we finally found something that he didn’t know how to do, which was refreshing, even if it didn’t make much sense.

His interaction with the mystical secret society guy was well resolved and answered lots of questions that may have otherwise been drawn out through multiple seasons. It might have been interesting to have learned more about the background of all the mystical stuff, but it was frankly rather discordant right from the moment it entered the story, so it’s probably best this way.

Now, with just two episodes left, we have only to hope that an acceptable way was found to resolve everything without just dropping bridges on everyone.

The series finale of The Event will air on May 23rd.