Droid X launches at the perfect time

Right after a class-action lawsuit hits its biggest competitor, the Droid X has been released to Verizon and electronics retailer stores today.

It is one of the most anticipated Android phones to date, as the successor to Motorola’s Droid, by far the country’s best-selling handset equipped with Google’s mobile operating system.

With 8 GB of internal storage, an 8 MP camera, and a 1 GHz processor, the Droid X runs on Android 2.1 and should be getting the 2.2 update soon. It is priced at $200 after a 2-year contract subsidy and a $100 mail-in rebate.

The phone’s launch could not have happened at a better time. As a direct competitor to the iPhone, the Droid X comes off as completely glitch-free and on par with the iPhone 4’s processing power. Meanwhile, Apple is on the damage control machine like it has never been before.

It puts the Android vs iPhone battle in a new light. Earlier this year, Comscore recorded that Android’s mobile market share surpassed that of the iPhone OS, though that’s largely because there are over a dozen Android phones instead of just a couple iPhones.

Nevertheless, today should be considered a win for Verizon, Google, and Motorola as it’s quite unlikely there will be any outcry for a Droid X recall.