Fight the Battle of Hoth on your iPhone

Have you ever wished the Star Wars universe was real? Would you join the Rebellion? I know I would, even if it meant having to fight the Imperial army on freezing Hoth.

I mean, why not? I’d definitely have fun riding my tauntaun and outrunning those bloodthirsty wampas.

But it would probably just be safer to experience the ice-cold Hoth on an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. 

I mean, it would significantly reduce the chances of losing a limb from frostbite or getting shot by embarrassingly clumsy Imperial stormtroopers.

So yeah, I’ll probably go with Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth by THQ Wireless. 

The $3 game – which launches today – allows players to assume command of Rebel forces as they defend the planet shield generators from advancing Imperial troops.

Players are required to strategically position soldiers, ion cannons and other defending units to maneuver the Imperial forces into kill-zones. 

As the game progresses, additional unit types become available, such as snowspeeders, X-wings and more.

The title also features two game modes, two difficulty settings, as well as a help and unit guide.