Damon Becnel Discusses Technologies That Are Changing The Real Estate Industry For the Better

The future of real estate is here. With new technologies making the industry more efficient, it’s time to rethink what you know about buying or selling a home. From using augmented reality in homes for sale to virtual tours with 360-degree views, the real estate world is changing faster than ever before. In this blog post, Damon Becnel wants to help you learn how these new technologies can help you save money and achieve your goals!

The Internet has made it easier for people to find homes and property

With sites like Zillow, you can now research homes for sale in your area with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, sites like Zillow provide interactive maps that show the location of a property and its value. Midway through writing this blog post, I wanted to check out some local listings on my phone, so I searched for “Zillow” in the app store and downloaded it right away! It’s been great to use my commute time catching up on all these amazing real estate deals available around me—such an easy way to find things now.

The future of real estate is here. With new technologies making the industry more efficient, it’s time to rethink what you know about buying or selling a home.

Online home listings make it easy for buyers to search through a wide range of properties in their desired location.

This technology is available 24 hours a day, convenient for those who work odd hours or have busy lifestyles. In addition to viewing homes from the comfort of your home, you can now tour these properties with virtual tours and 360-degree walkthroughs.

Virtual reality has allowed real estate professionals to create immersive experiences that allow buyers to take a closer look at everything from floor plans and kitchens all the way down to closet space.

These technologies are even more beneficial when they’re paired up with augmented reality as well! Take a look at how this works:

The use of drones can help investors see the condition of a property without having to go inside

You can get a bird’s eye view of the property to check out important details with a drone.  Drones can take aerial shots from up high, which helps buyers and investors see whether or not there are any issues with roofs, gutters, etc., and allows them to visualize their future home without having to step inside! It will help save time & money since they won’t have made appointments just for this reason alone! If these pictures look okay, it’s safe to assume that everything inside will look just as good!

Virtual reality is changing the way we view and experience real estate

Real estate companies can show you property listings in the palm of your hand with augmented reality.

You’ll be able to see how much square footage you have, where windows are located, and what kind of view a house has just by pointing your phone at an image outside.

Pretty soon, it will seem like magic!

3D printing will let you print out your dream house at home on your printer! 

Who needs a realtor when you have this cool technology?

With the help of a large-scale printer, you can print out models of houses that fit your budget and requirements all from home! It is perfect for those who want to live in an area but don’t know much about it. All they need now is some measurements, and it will print the new house before their eyes! Then, with the use of augmented reality or virtual reality, people can take a look at what life would be like living inside these homes–all without having to set foot outside their door!! It’s going to make looking for property so easy & convenient.

Augmented Reality lets you see what’s behind walls or ceilings with just a phone camera – no more guessing how big rooms are!

Augmented Reality is also being used in homes for sale so potential buyers can visualize their lives living there before they even step foot inside the door. Virtual tours give people 360-degree views of rooms that let them explore bedrooms or kitchens from any angle imaginable–and all without leaving home! This technology makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for when shopping for real estate. It’s also great for agents who want to show homes without having to schedule open houses.

Technology is changing the future of real estate. The internet has made it easier to find homes and listings; we use drones to see property features from a different perspective than just pictures; augmented reality allows you to walk through your potential home in virtual space; 3D printing can create anything imaginable for design or construction purposes. We’ll explore these technologies more deeply in our next blog post! Stay tuned for more insights on what technology means for real estate and how we may live and work in the not-too-distant future.

Written by Adam Eaton