Citrix’s Virtual office for the iPad out now

Oh, guess what, another iPad story. Score Apple! Everyone else sucks. World domination just as boring as teleconferencing on a hand mirror.

Oh, we could do this for a long time and may have to; iPad app stories are going to be coming out of ears soon. Everyone is going to have an iPad app except your local falafel store because, as every Mac user knows, falafels are too lumpy and ethnic to be cool.

Citrix has announced two new iPad apps, Receiver and GoToMeeting, both now available on the App Store. The Citrix Receiver App allows iPad owners to take a virtual office with them anywhere they go by providing access to all of their corporate applications and documents. The Citrix GoToMeeting App is the iPad version of, you guessed it, the company’s web based conferencing and collaboration platform, surprisingly called GoToMeeting.

“The iPad is ideal for mobile business use as a complement to the corporate desktop,” said Mark Templeton, president and CEO, Citrix Systems. “These Citrix Apps for iPad make it possible for teleworkers in any industry to get easy access to their corporate resources and collaborate wherever they are located, giving the business consumer the power of choice.”

We are not cynics here, but this would be a good time to tell your boss that your desktop needs a complement and it can only be an iPad. Anything else would be demeaning. While you’re at it, ask for Spanx to complement your ass for sitting around doing his work for him while he plays Tap Defense on his iPhone.