God of War III hit million sales within days

Perhaps the last big PS3 exclusive for a substantial time, God of War III did not disappoint in its retail debut. Sony has confirmed that the game passed a million units sold “in the first couple of days” after it was released.

The comments came from Sony Computer Entertainment America’s SVP of marketing Peter Dille. He is currently at the MI6 conference in San Francisco, a convention dedicated to the marketing side of the video game industry.

God of War III, developed in-house by Sony’s Santa Monica studio, is the final installment in the God of War trilogy and the first in the series to be produced in high definition. The file size of the game is around around 35GB, making it one of the largest console games ever.

The game would probably have taken the top spot in March sales if not for Final Fantasy XIII, also at one time a PS3 exclusive. However, Square Enix just couldn’t turn away the temptation to release the stunning HD Final Fantasy game on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console as well. That title also sold a million copies in its first week.

God of War III is available for around $60 for the PS3, and there is also a collectible $100 edition with a bunch of extra goodies.