Best Window Air Conditioners for Warm Weather

The market is flooded with several options to buy AC from various brands. The air-conditioners being sold vary not just in terms of features, cooling capacity, and after-sales support, but they also have huge price differences.

It is, therefore, not easy to choose a particular product and tag it as ‘the best.’ And sometimes, even if one has the experience and expertise to narrow down on a product that surpasses the rest, in most instances the cost of the products is way higher than the cheaper ones available. So what are your options?

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And just in case you are someone who needs help in choosing the best AC available in the market, here’s a list of top 5 window ACs that you can consider.

Hitachi Kaze Plus RAW511KUD

This one ton five-star rated window AC comes with Auto Climate Technology that adjusts the parameters according to the temperature of the installation area and the body temperature of the people in the room.

The AC is designed to cool a mid-sized room, and it excels at its job. The window AC has an optimal cooling capacity of 3500 W. To ensure you are always in control, the AC has different operating modes. It also has a light indicator to inform you when the filter needs to be cleaned.

Blue Star 3W18LC

The 3W18LC by Blue Star is a three-star rated AC. It has features such as multi-fan speeds for effective cooling, antifreeze thermostat to avoid freezing, and hydraulic blue fins evaporator to keep a tab on condensation. This AC is an all-rounder and is fit to use in different seasons.

Voltas 185 DY

The 185 DY is a three star rated AC with a capacity of 1.5 ton. Some salient features of the AC are sleek design, auto restart and timer, and air filters. However, a powerful compressor is what sets the 185 DY apart from its contemporaries.

An efficient compressor means the AC can cool a room swiftly and more evenly. With the 185 DY by your side, uneven cooling will be a thing of the past and you will learn to sleep like a baby once again.


LG LWA5CP5A is a five-star rated AC with a capacity of 1.5 ton. LG offers a five year warranty on the compressor. The AC comes with a number of cooling features such as 4 way air deflection, manual vanes, and two-way auto swings that ensure effective and swift cooling. Other features include dual protection filter and compact design.

Carrier 18K Estrella

The 18K Estrella by Carrier is a five-star rated 1.5 ton AC. Equipped with air flow features such as auto air swing, speed setting, and 4-way direction, the AC may very well be your best partner out there to beat the heat. And there’s more! The AC is loaded with convenience features and has different modes, making it worth your consideration.

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