AT&T Galaxy Tab rumored to be priced at $650

Smack dab in between the Sprint/Verizon and T-Mobile prices for Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab device, AT&T will reportedly be pricing its version at $650.

The info comes from an alleged internal AT&T leak originally posted on Engadget. The document discusses AT&T availability of the Galaxy Tab and lists an “HQ Recommended Pricing” of $649.99.

AT&T is the only major carrier that hasn’t come forward with official pricing details yet. Sprint and Verizon will both sell the device for $600, while T-Mobile is planning an astronomically high $700, but will discount it to $400 for anyone willing to sign a 2-year mobile data contract.

It looks like AT&T won’t offer any sort of contract subsidy, though, cementing it as the comparatively most expensive carrier to get the device with. Of course, AT&T is happy as the exclusive mobile data provider for the iPad, the Galaxy Tab’s biggest competitor.

The memo also mentions an availability date for AT&T of November 21. On that date, “more than 2,200” stores will stock the item, according to the note.

AT&T’s not the only one to go with full retail price as the only option. Verizon also won’t be offering any subsidies and will require customers to do a month-to-month data plan. Verizon’s price, though, is only $600. Meanwhile, Sprint will sell it standalone for $600, but offer it for just $500 if customers sign up for two years of service on the device.

Confused yet? Although it is a bit of a mind-melting puzzle to figure out the prices and availability of multiple carriers, it does help that customers are able to have their choice of provider.

The Galaxy Tab goes on sale at different dates around the month, but will be available for all four of the major carriers by the end of November.