Govt. health bullies seek to limit cupcakes in PA

Kids in Pennsylvania schools may soon find their cupcake intake regulated by their state government. That’s right – in order to save the kids from themselves the state school board thinks it’s time to regulate the amount of sweets at school parties.

The Pennsylvania state school board wants to limit classroom birthday parties in the public schools to one a month. Which means only one “chosen” one per month shall be allowed to celebrate their birthday.


They also want to limit each kid’s sweet treat intake to one, one cupcake or brownie per kid.

That’s impossibly mean. Kids love cupcakes and brownies.

These rules, if enacted would come into play in 2012. They would also apply to the other fun school parties like Valentine’s Day and the holiday season. All the holidays that feature delicious treats, the ones that kids look forward to all year.

And if school districts do not comply with the “wise” government mandate, they will risk losing their much-needed state funding.

So if the teachers and administrators don’t take these proposed rules seriously and crack down on cupcakes, the school will lose its funding? This is supposed to help give the kids?

Pardon me for sounding harsh here, but it sounds like they are basically saying if we catch the kids eating too many cupcakes the whole school will be defunded. That’s good for the kids? Defunding because of cupcakes?

I know the obesity problem is getting ugly. I’ve wrote about it before. Yes, too many people are allowing themselves and their loved ones to get too fat.

People are very worried about the increase of obese children. I get that. But let the parents do the parenting of their kids please.

Kids are supposed to like eating cupcakes and brownies because they are fun, enjoyable, and tasty. It is the parent’s job to make sure that kids know that moderation is one of the keys to eating healthy and living well.

This school board plan is mean and unnecessary. That’s how bureaucrats and the like operate. They think people are too dumb to make their own decisions.

And since when did parents start to entertain the idea that it is ok for the school boards to do some of the parenting for them? The public school boards need to worry about educating children, not controlling them.

Kids are young and have their whole lives ahead of them. What better people to eat cupcakes. Their bodies are full of energy and their metabolisms are much better than my own.

What is a kid going to screw up by eating more than one cupcake at school? Not a damn thing.

The obesity problem is definitely caused by the easy availability of junk food. But the epidemic is not just localized in schools. It’s what happens at home that worries me, not the schools.

The problem is that parents don’t make their kid’s health and eating habits much of a priority. That is a problem that cannot be solved by limiting sweet treats during fun times.

Limiting the amount of treats a kid can eat is mean. Part of the joy of being a kid is eating stuff that adults can’t and don’t eat all the time.

Fixing the obesity problem is something that parents need to have a large role in, not government douche baggers.

Let parents raise their and feed their kids how they wish. Don’t get into regulation of cupcakes in schools during parties. That’s a dick move.