ARM accelerates Android mobile development

ARM has launched a solution center for hardware manufacturers developing Android-based mobile platforms. According to company spokesperson James Bruce, over 35 members of the ARM Connected Community have already joined the initiative.

“Android offers a complete stack for software developers, but hardware manufacturers have traditionally had to do without such a resource,” Bruce told TG Daily. “For example, a number of companies in Asia have access to Android source code but are not sure how to get it running on ARM hardware. Our new solution center changes that.”
According to Bruce, both the Android platform and ARM hardware are readily accessible to major companies as well as small startups. 

“Android and ARM have successfully demonstrated how open source can help drive innovation. Mobile phone manufacturers don’t need to spend $3,000-$4,000 on hardware or software licensing fees anymore,” said Bruce. “They can just buy an ARM Beagle Board for less than $200 and start developing almost immediately.”

He noted that ARM’s “simple and elegant” RISC architecture has been widely integrated into a variety of mobile devices, including the recently introduced Motorola Droid.

“Remember, Android was specifically written for ARM architecture, while Android 2.0 was launched on our high-performance Cortex-A processor designs. We have a great ecosystem and are taking it further with our solution center that will act as hub, or central directory for Android developers,” added Bruce.

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