Analyst offers Apple tablet sneak peek

“Stunning” resolution and video conferencing

A principal analyst at ITIC has claimed that the enigmatic Apple tablet will feature a 10-12 inch screen with “stunning resolution.” According to Laura DiDio, the tablet is also expected to include a high-end graphics card and webcam for video conferencing.

“The tablet will change the game,” DiDio told CNN. “Apple will throw down the gauntlet at the competitors, and force them to follow along.”

Senior CNET editor Dan Ackerman concurred with DiDio’s assessment.

“Apple will come out with the tablet and blow everyone away,” said Ackerman. “Instead of taking along a Kindle and an iPod, that [tablet] could become the device you carry with you.”

However, David Wertheimer, executive director of the University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center, admitted that he found it hard to “comprehend” how the tablet would replace all other mobile tech products.

“But then again, what I can’t imagine, Steve Jobs often can. The tablet will be awesome, and my guess is that it will be an instant hit for people who loved Kindles and people who want netbooks,” opined Wertheimer.

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