YouTube launches tool for ‘citizen journalists’

YouTube is launching a tool allowing so-called ‘citizen journalists’ to submit clips to news media companies and PR firms to deluge them with even more uninteresting information.

The company has signed up NPR, Politico, The Huffington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle.

When people visit these sites, they will be able to upload video content to YouTube and submit it to editors, who can approve or reject it. “News organizations can ask for citizen reporting; nonprofits can call-out for support videos around social campaigns; businesses can ask users to submit promotional videos about your brand,” said the company.

Of course, there’s plenty of this sort of thing on YouTube already. But with as much as 20 hours of video posted to the site every minute, the company believes that allowing endorsements from professional editors will make it easier for the good stuff to stand out.

The customizable tool is built around the YouTube API. Developers can visit the YouTube Direct project page, here.