Apple’s New Products – Prepare for Red

Apple wants one to see “red,” and hopefully purchase one too.

Red is the New Black

The tech giant is releasing a brand new reddish phone expecting to capitalize on an energetic color scheme which could appeal to its enormous base of consumers.

The phones that are red are offered in both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. They feature a crimson aluminum finish.

The phones come in 256GB storage editions and 128GB. Pricing is in line or maybe a little higher than other iPhone versions.

The iPhone 7 Plus goes for $869. Those enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program will probably manage to land one.

Apple said it is the planet’s biggest corporate donor to the Global Fund, contributing more than $130 million. The red phone is supposed to be a piece of this strategy. The company will give some cash to the charity for each phone sold.

A new iPad

Buffs of Apple were recently surprised too with the announcement of a new iPad. It replaces the Atmosphere 2 already on the market.

The iPad has many attributes Apple fans appreciate, like TouchID security. The tablet comes with the capacity to download and use one million apps. Still not everybody is excited about the new iPad’s specs, and the unlaminated screen has to find its fans.

Also included is an 8-megapixel camera to shoot at detailed pictures or 1080 HD video. Editing could be done right on the iPad with iMovie or Photos, or any other editing app from the App Store, Adobe has a few impressive, free apps you could try out.

Pricing for the new iPad starts at $329 for a 32GB version. It may go up to a $559 for a version which has 128GB with mobile capability.


On a smaller scale, the SE that is iPhone is obtaining a boost in storage. Apple is phasing out 64GB models and the 16GB but doubling their storage capacities to 128GB and 32GB. The 4-inch screen mobile is becoming a little more powerful while the cost remains the same at around $399.


Also of note is a brand new program called Clips. It is an entirely free app and helps users combine video clips, photographs, and music to be shared through messages and social media. Clips will be available shortly on iOS 10.3, with “arty filters” structures and emojis.

According to Apple, Clips will automatically recognize folks in a video and indicate them as recipients of messages. The program then pulls in components which can be popular in others among Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Google Photos.

Lower priced iPad and the newer devices are indicators that Apple is redefining the pricing structure and also some products. This new strategy takes direct aim at the lower price segment . The result could leave much of the competitors not only seeing red but a lot more.

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