Americans covet Apple’s shiny iPhone

Android may be poised to dominate the US smartphone market, but a recent survey indicates that Apple’s shiny iPhone remains quite a coveted device. 

According to Nielsen, 90% of current iPhone owners remain loyal to the smartphone, while 21% of Android users and Blackberry owners 29% have considered making the move to Apple.

Meanwhile, Android’s loyalty among “switchers” (71%) outperforms Blackberry (42%) where half of its users could potentially chose an iPhone or an Android phone for their next device.

As expected, the report also noted that Android has shown the most “significant expansion” in market share amongst current subscribers – with Google’s OS “nosing past” Apple’s iOS in the last quarter to grab a 27% share of recent smartphone subscribers.

Finally, the report determined that “multipurpose smartphones” – which allow users to access the web, run thousands of apps and share pictures – now comprise 25% of the US mobile market.

However, smartphones are on track to overtake feature phones in the US market by 2011.