Nintendo says cloud too lagged for gaming

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes the cloud is too lagged for casual or serious gaming.

According to Iwata, cloud computing will “not conquer every field” of entertainment, as current telecommunication technologies inevitably involve a certain delay and limitation of transmission speed.

“[Yes], the technologies we use in our video game consoles actually include some elements which are very suitable but others which will never be suited to cloud computing,” Iwata told investors in an interview quoted by Develop.

He emphasized that a “quick response” time remained Nintendo’s top priority.

“[So] with cloud computing, for example, customers would be irritated even by a slight delay in response after pressing a button.”

However, Iwata conceded the cloud offered definite advantages for business computing.

“It is said to be a very efficient technology for a business with volatile demand, for example, the demand of a service increasing ten times suddenly in a day and decreasing to only a fraction in three months again…[So, we will likely] take advantage of the technology [in some way].”