Amazon upgrades Kindle with native PDF reader

Amazon has upgraded its latest generation Kindle with a PDF reader that allows the device to display Adobe documents without conversion.

The new firmware update also boosts the Kindle’s battery life by 85 percent – providing enough power to facilitate seven days of continued wireless operation.

?”To read their personal or professional documents, Kindle customers simply email PDFs to their Kindle email address or move them over using a USB connection,” the company explained in an official statement.

??”Customers that prefer to have their PDF documents converted to the Kindle format simply type “Convert” in the subject of the e-mail when sending documents to their ‘’ address.”

Amazon added that previous purchasers of the latest generation Kindle will receive an 85 percent battery increase and native PDF support via an automatic firmware update.

Finally, PDF support is also available for certain earlier versions of the Kindle with a Whispernet firmware refresh.

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