7 Ways You Can Keep Your Gadgets Dust Free

Many of us struggle to keep our gadgets dust free. The dust and grime settles onto our laptop keyboards. That dust seems to get everywhere, no matter how hard we try to keep it away. This is just the normal way of life whenever you have gadgets that you are using every day. However, this is no good for the overall health and wellbeing of your cell-phones, laptops, cameras, and tablets. When there is too much dust going around, this can easily get inside of your gadgets and cause some real damage to the inside components. At the very least, this dust is going to cause your gadgets to have to work harder to achieve the same level of productivity that they had before.

However, there is some good news in all of this. There are some easy ways that you can keep your gadgets dust free at all times. All it takes is a couple of materials and for you to put in the time to keep your gadgets clean. Keep reading down below and you’re going to get all of the information you need to make this happen.

1. Clean Off Your Display with Water

The first thing that you’re going got want to do with your gadgets is to clean the display. It’s pretty easy to do this! All you have to do is take a micro-fiber cloth and wet it with some water or some diluted white vinegar. You want to make sure that you always use a micro-fiber cloth whenever you are cleaning off the surfaces of your gadgets and keep it in mind to remove the phone case first. This will ensure that you won’t scratch the screen or cause any damage with a rough cloth. If you need some extra cleaning power, then that diluted white vinegar is going to cut through all of that dirt and grime that may be coating your display screen. This is going to apply no matter what kind of gadget you’re dealing with, whether it’s your laptop display, your PC display, or your smartphone screen.

2. Go for Compressed Air and Rubbing Alcohol to Clean Your Keyboards

Whenever you use your keyboard on a daily basis on your PC or your laptop, it’s going to get pretty oily and dirty, pretty easily. This means that you should be using rubbing alcohol whenever you wipe off the keyboards. Make sure to do this on a regular basis to keep things from getting too dirty and nasty.

When you clean your keyboards, you should also try using some compressed air to get down there and get rid of all the dust that may be stuck in between the keys. This is more relevant on your PC keyboard, where the keys are deeper and closer together than on laptops.

3. Use Some Water and Alcohol to Clean Off Your Mouse

The easiest way that you’re going to be able to clean off the mouse that you use for your computer is to just rub it down with a micro-fiber cloth that’s been doused in either water or rubbing alcohol. When you use alcohol, this is going to cleanse the mouse and ensure that you get rid of any of that extra bacteria that may be hanging on there from using it every day. You can easily do this on a regular basis before you go to bed at night to ensure that it stays nice and clean.

4. Go for Mr. Easy Magic Eraser for Your Laptop Body

One of the best tips that we have for you when you are trying to clean off your laptop’s body and surface is to use a Mr. Easy Magic Eraser. You just have to wet these things a bit and as soon as you run it over your laptop, you are going to see an immediate improvement in its appearance. Plus, these erasers are good for a lot more things around your house than just your gadgets. Clean off your gadgets with one and then use it to clean around your house.

5. Use A Camera Blower for Your DSLR

One of the worst things that can happen when you try to take photos with your DSLR is that some dust particles get stuck in the image sensor. This can cause your images to come out with a few dots on them, pretty much ruining your final image. You can use a pretty affordable and small camera blower to blow some air onto the image sensor, effectively getting rid of any dust that may be hiding out there and causing your images to come out low-quality. This is similar to when you used compressed air to get rid of the dust in between the keys on your keyboard.

6. Use A Lens Pen for Your DSLR, Also

Absolutely everyone who is using a DSLR should have a lens pen in their camera maintenance kit. It’s so easy for dust to get caught on the lens of the camera and this can cause damage to the lens and for your photos not to come out as sharp. When you have a lens pen, you can use the soft brush that comes with it as a way to get rid of the dust easily. And before you know it, you’re going to have a super clean lens that will give you high-quality photos! And this lens is super crucial for you to take care of, as this probably cost you a pretty penny to buy in the first place.

7. Try to Clean Them on A Regular Basis

One of the best things that you can do for your gadgets is to keep them clean on a regular basis. You should have a normal time that you spend cleaning your gadgets. That way, there’s no chance that the dust and grime can get caught up inside of your electronic device or that it just gets too dirty to clean. Plus, it’s going to be so much easier to clean it when there’s not that much dust on there.

There you have it! If you want to keep that dust and dirt off of your gadgets, then this is the article that will help you do that. We hope that you learned something new while reading this and can easily keep your gadgets dust-free now!