Westinghouse preps massive 110-inch 4K TV

Westinghouse isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to the TV market, but the company does have an interesting lineup of consumer electronic products set to ship in Q1 of 2013, such as a 110-inch 4K TV set.

Of course, the massive screen TV isn’t the only model Westinghouse plans to ship early next year, as there will also be smaller 4K sets available, including 65, 55, and 50-inches in size.

The native resolution of the above-mentioned units is set at 3840 x 2160 (120 Hz refresh rates), with all new TV models slated to be showcased at  CES 2013 in Las Vegas next month.

While the smaller 50, 55, and 65-inch screens will be available in retail outlets, the massive 110-inch model will be a custom order TV only.

There is no indication of how much the TV lineup will cost, but full pricing information should be offered during CES next month.

Then again, considering that other manufacturers are charging tens of thousands of dollars for their 4k TVs, don’t expect the Westinghouse units to be cheap or even aimed at mainstream consumers.

While 4K TVs may ultimately be the new standard for televisions, 2013 likely won’t be the tipping point for ultra HD due to its relatively high cost.