Video: Ouya dev console gets unboxed

I’m sure there are more than a few people out there who wondered if Ouya would actually ever ship a game console, even if the project managed to raise millions on Kickstarter.

Well, the skeptics have thus far been proven wrong, because Ouya recently confirmed that it shipped its first round of developer consoles with transparent cases. 

The special dev console package includes an official developer letter, one frosted translucent console with a micro USB port, and a pair of frosted translucent data controllers. The console also ships with an HDMI cable, power adapter and a micro USB cable.

Ouya says its special consoles (1200 of them) are a one-off design, with the company dubbing them “rare drops” for the most discerning and faithful developers. The consoles are also said to be a work in progress, which we can assume to mean beta hardware.

In addition, the developer consoles feature a very early version of the user interface (UI) designed for the production console which is due to ship in March.

As you may recall, we reported in November that the above-mentioned developer kits were for selling for $800, as opposed to the $99 Android-powered console slated to go live later this year.