Automated flying surveillance ‘bot targets civilian sector

A security company known as Secom has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first automated flying surveillance robot targeted at private security companies – rather than military or government entities which typically require dronessurveillance missions.

As noted above, the robot promises to be autonomous and is designed specifically for the civilian security sector. As expected, the surveillance robot is capable of flying on its own, and can be programmed to patrol the grounds of a facility. Interestingly, the Secom ‘bot is equipped with image analyzing technology, allowing it to record any crime in progress.

Essentially, the helicopter is a customized flying drone made by a company called Ascending Technologies, although the software and cameraswere developed by Secom.

The device is a quad rotor ‘copter with a small frame around the outside to help protect the rotors from damage. The drone is loaded with laser sensors and can automatically track moving subjects from a distance.

“The flying robot could take off if our online security systems detect any unauthorized entry,” said Secom spokesperson Asuka Saito. “It would enable us to quickly check out what’s actually happening on the spot.”

Specs? The drone is 24-inches wide and weighs 3.5 pounds. Basically, Secom believes the autonomous ‘copter will allow managers of large facilities to monitor areas that lack fixed cameras. 

Japanese companies will be able to rent the flying camera system as part of the Secom online security system for ¥5000, which works out to about $58 per month. The automated drone will be available at some point after April of 2014.