Lenovo launches uber-mini IdeaCentre Q190

Lenovo has announced what it claims to be the world’s smallest full-function desktop (x86) PC, measuring 22 mm (0.86″ wide).

Dubbed the IdeaCentre Q190, the system is small enough to fit into even the most crowded entertainment centers and should make for an excellent HTPC.

The little device can be fitted with up to second-generation Intel Core i3 processors and runs Windows 8 Pro for an OS.

A Blu-ray drive is optional, and as expected, the Q190 does offer full HD HD graphics support along with 7.1-surround sound and an optional wireless multimedia remote, with an integrated built-in backlit keyboard and mouse.

Pricing? the uber-mini IdeaCentre begins shipping in January at a $349 price pont.

In addition to the Q90, Lenovo introduced a number of new all-in-one desktop computers in its C Series lineup, including the 18.5-inch C240/C245, the 20-inch C340/345, the 21.5-inch C440/445, and the 23-inch C540.

The only real difference between these machines are screen size and the fact that the models ending with  the number 5 are equipped AMD E2 quad core processors and Radeon graphics. Meanwhile, the machines running Intel processors feature a Nvidia GeForce 615 GPU inside.

Pricing on the AIO computers ranges from $349 up to $549 with all models in the C Series being available in January, except the C240/245 which is available this month.