Bethesda blames PS3 for Skyrim DLC issues

Bethesa still doesn’t have an answer for when new downloadable content will launch for the PS3 version of Skyrim.

It does, however, have something to say about why it has taken so long to make any progress with Sony’s platform.

Bethesda VP of public relations and marketing Pete Hines brought up the issue on Twitter, writing in a message, “This is not a Dawnguard issue. This is a DLC on PS3 issue. It affected DG because it was the first one.”

He is referring to the DLC pack known as “Dawnguard,” which was released for the Xbox 360 with no problem.     The expansion file gives players, among other things, the ability to join a vampire hunting mission with a group called Dawnguard, or they can become a vampire and be a part of the uprising instead.

If you become a vampire you earn a handful of new powers such as the ability to turn into a cloud of bats, as well as an attack that suspends your enemies in mid air.

The Dawnguard expansion pack is chock full of sweet, fresh digital content, providing up to 20 hours of gameplay.

Hines admits, “I worry about anything that negatively affects any fan of any game on any platform.”

There are many other publishers that are able to post DLC for Xbox 360 and PS3 without batting an eye, so Bethesda’s insistence that Sony is to blame probably won’t sit well with the PS3 faithful.