Galaxy Tab 2 UK launch delayed for Android 4.0 support

Samsung’s newest Galaxy Tab tablets will be delayed in the UK, but for good reason.

Samsung wanted to hold off on the launch so that it could incorporate the latest version of Android, version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, in the new models.

To launch a tablet based on an older version of Google’s mobile OS at this point would be almost pointless, especially a tablet that prides itself on being the cream of the crop in the Android community.

Samsung will incorporate its proprietary Touchwiz user interface into Android 4.0 to create an experience that looks and feels very similar to previous Samsung devices but will have the enhancements of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Among the big features in the latest version of Android are the ability to scan your face to unlock your phone, and a highly enhanced speech-to-text platform.

It also boasts Near Field Communication (NFC) support for data sharing and mobile payments, but it isn’t clear if the Galaxy Tab 2 will have the hardware to take advantage of this feature.

The Galaxy Tab 2, available in both a 7-inch and 10-inch version, was slated to launch in the UK in March. The new updated launch target is April, so it isn’t that big of a delay.

At least, unless it ends up being delayed further. Ice Cream Sandwich has proven to be a finicky platform, but it seems that many of the bugs are now under control.