New Motorola Webtop platform to run Android as a laptop

Motorola’s Webtop platform is set to undergo a fundamental change.

The concept of Motorola’s unique software was to let users dock their Android phones into a laptop dock, allowing the phone to become the CPU of the laptop.

However, Motorola believed that Android didn’t really operate well as a laptop operating system, so when docked, Webtop was powered by a Linux OS that basically only offered a Firefox Web browser and a couple organizational apps.

Now, though, Webtop is being transformed to let users have access to a fully functional version of Android on the laptop dock.

A recently posted video of the new version of the software shows that while in laptop mode, Webtop has the Android home screen, users can access all apps that are on the phone, as well as a settings menu and a built-in Web browser.



The ability to launch Android apps on Webtop means users will be able to access things items Kindle, social networking platforms, and Google’s Chrome browser.

Of course, the downside is that Android apps are generally not optimized for a large display, which is probably why Motorola made the decision not to incorporate them in Webtop in the first place.

Nevertheless, users don’t like the idea of their content being limited. That’s why Google rolled out the Android Market to Google TV, and it seems now Motorola will be doing the same for Webtop.

Webtop still hasn’t gained a whole lot of traction, but with this major update it looks like the company is far from giving up.