Apple wants to redefine the future of television

Apple is reportedly discussing its vision for the future of television with a number of media executives at several large companies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Cupertino may also be designing an indigenous television set that will rely on wireless streaming technology to access shows, movies and other content.

The theoretical device is likely to run a version of Apple’s AirPlay and allow users to easily control the set or stream video from mobile devices to their television without a set-top box.

In addition, Apple execs have outlined new ways for its technology to recognize users across various devices, with one example being a television set responding to voice commands and even movement – permitting users to search for a show or change channels with Siri or Kinect-like ease.

Although Apple is remaining tight-lipped about its future TV plans, one person familiar with the talks told the WSJ that the new voice/wireless controller technology could run on existing platforms, such as Apple’s $99 TV set-top box. 

It should also be noted that Cupertino has engaged in “exploratory” talks with television-service providers about teaming up on new video services for Apple devices – by proposing the idea of licensing content directly from media companies for some type of subscription-TV service.

Apple TV currently commands a 32% share of the external “connected TV” device market. The set-top box allows users to stream videos and music from iTunes to their TV, along with other Internet content from sources like Netflix.