Rumor: Apple working on "wearable" Siri devices

So imagine this – you’re walking down the street,  want to know how to get to your friend’s house, and simply raise your wrist to ask for directions.

No need to take out your phone. No need to have a Bluetooth headset. All you’d need is a flexible electronic device that could wrap around your wrist and comes fully integrated with Siri.

The voice recognition software platform, which has become the focal feature of the iPhone 4S and is only continuing to grow in Apple’s portfolio, is behind what the New York Times calls a secret new project at the Cupertino, CA-based company.

Specifically, Apple wants to create wearable technology, according to the report. The wrist-strappable concept is the only product specifically mentioned.

However, it wouldn’t be a standalone device. The NYT describes the concept as calling an iPhone “the brain that brings all these things together.”

This is a first step in what researchers see as a bold, cutting-edge future where technology is not an extension of us, but part of us.

People like Dr. Ray Kurzweil, who describes himself as a “futurist,” envision a time not too far in the future where contact lenses will have embedded computers, microchip surgeries will be able to alter the way our bodies work, and the Internet will literally be something you can bring up in your mind.

So we’re not there quite yet, but a flexible computer gadget that wraps around your wrist? That’s a neat start.