Japan Playstation Vita launch experiences bugs

Gamers in Japan who absolutely, positively had to get a Playstation Vita on launch day are finding themselves in a frustrating situation.

Many users are complaining of a myriad of bugs and glitches, including complete system freezes. There are also several disgruntled consumers who have said the touchscreen randomly becomes unresponsive.

The Vita was just released in Japan on December 17 and had been originally slated for a US launch for the holiday season as well. But then couple little things called a massive earthquake and devastating tsunami happened, crippling Sony’s Japanese manufacturing and development facilities.

Now, the US has been given a February 22 launch date.

The Vita has already been called Sony’s potentially last game-specific mobile device. The company has already started pouring resources into Android and has been working with bringing Playstation connectivity to its sister mobile company Sony Ericsson.

However, the Vita offers several features that most traditional smartphones can’t, such as a dedicated game-launching memory card slot, dual joysticks, a touch-sensitive panel on the back of the device, and the ability to sell at low prices without a mobile carrier subsidy.

Hopefully Sony will be able to work out the kinks before it hits the North American market – the most lucrative market in the industry.