5 Surprisingly Effective Apps To Help You Save Water

Smartphones have outnumber human beings. Yes, that’s right!

And, with the frequency of water shortages popping up over the world, the need for apps that help you save water is vital.

Professional bodybuilders know first-hand why gulping down gallons of water is important for the body. From playing a vital role in our body functions, to removing toxins, and regulating our cooling system… Water plays a big part in our every waking moment.

(I personally drink about four or five 16 oz. mugs of water each day. Do you think I need to drink more?)

Let’s face it: water is important. We rarely appreciate something fully until it’s gone. Check out the following water-saving apps below to find a calculator/measurer that’s right for you.

1. H20 Tracker

Would you like a game that understands the total amount of water you use every day? How easy would it be to instantly create a plan to save more water?

Enter H20 Tracker, which does exactly that: tracks your H20 consumption. No muss or fuss.

However, before you can use this app, you’ll have to answer a survey. Answering these simple questions will allow you to “gauge” your lifestyle. Similar to those career tests that decide your future based on your answers.

Except, this app can help you understand more about things like.

  • How many gallons you use to water your lawn, take a shower/bath, or while washing dishes
  • See how much money you spend using the amount of water you use
  • Compare your water usage to your neighbors and people living in your town
  • Get life-saving, wallet-thickening tips that help you reduce your water consumption

This app for me sets itself apart from all the rest in the game because of one simple factor: H20 Tracker has a “Drought Response” system. Quite simply, it warns you about any droughts happening in your area. This lets you calculate how much water you need to survive the drought. Win!

2. Leaky Faucet Drip

I have a bathtub with a faucet that just won’t stop. Every day, every night. Drip drip drip drip drip. (It’s seriously becoming annoying. Sadly, I can’t afford a professional plumber.)

Plus, it’s a game! All you have to do is tap the iPhone app screen whenever a drop falls from a leaky faucet. Then calculates how much water you’re wasting on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

(I’m thinking of downloading this one myself.)

3. Frack

Water pollution. Changing weather. It seems like the battle of Humanity vs. Earth… Earth is losing the battle against us.

Climate change is a well-known hot button issue, but it’s not the only factor that affects the environment. Unfortunately, fracking does as well. Fracking is a process of using water to extract oil and natural gas.

What this all boils down to is: fracking destroys fresh water sources. Don’t believe me? The Standing Rock protests in North Dakota are still happening. This First Nations-wide protest happened because of an oil company beginning to build a pipeline that would run through the Missouri River while another part of the world is trying to preserve water around drought areas.

While fracking, itself, doesn’t pollute water… But when plans derail and pipes burst (like what happened when BP outraged the entire world), all that oil and gas and minerals do harm the underwater ecosystem.

Preserving water is a monumental goal everybody alive should be striving towards, as the average human can last only 3 days to a week without water. That is why it is important to use smart-systems that can save water.

A practical (no app here, sorry) solution you can start today is creating a group of protestors and doing everything you can on social media to spread the word about the dangers of fracking. There’s no harm in knowledge. Remember the age-old adage “Knowledge Is Power”?

4. Water Daily

Water Daily (iPhone) is an incredible app. It actually calculates how much water you “use” in your everyday activities – all the way down to how much water you drink, and “wear.” (Because, remember, we’re made up of water ourselves.)

Similar to H20 Tracker mentioned earlier, Water Daily is another tool in your arsenal you can use to track how much potential water you could be saving.

This cool app can even tell you how much water it takes to brush your teeth.

5. Dropcountr

While it isn’t exactly hard, looking at your water bill, how much your homestead uses on a regular basis…

Dropcountr (for both Android and iOS) is a free app that “hacks” our water utility. It then lets you see your water usage on a day-to-day basis, effectively letting you manage your usage before the next bill comes around.

Aside from “real time” updates, the app lets you compare your water usage with other homes in your area. Like the other apps listed, this app is extremely helpful. Where Dropcountr really shines for me, is that it keeps you in the loop on new regulations happening in your particular home town.

Sadly, Dropcountr is available (as of this writing) for Lake Arrowhead, Park Water, Folsom, and Austin Water.

Since water is our primary life source, preserving it is no joke, and should not be taken lightly. Heck, some doomsday-preachers are already saying that we’ll all be dead and gone in a few short years. Simply because the world’s main oceans and rivers are contaminated.

That is why measuring your water usage is vital. You don’t want to be left alone, with no water; unable to do six loads of laundry a day, wash the Mt. Everest of dishes lining your kitchen counter, or even get rid of the smelly evidence you left behind in the toilet. We are water. Let’s save us.

I hope you’ve found some of this information helpful. Stay safe out there.