5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Business Laptop

Having a laptop on hand for business matters can make your work life a lot easier. After all, laptops are portable, slim, and can perform everything you need to get the job done.

Many corporate businesses buy their employees laptops to use for work purposes. Whether that be at meetings and workshops, or even from home. But the problem is, not every job has it within their budget (or wants to have it within their budget) to give every person they employ a work laptop.

That said, if you work in an industry that requires you to do a lot of work on the go, it might be a good idea to sell your old Dell laptop and take that cash you get to buy an upgraded version designed for business matters.

And, with services such as Gadget Salvation at your hands, ready to take your old Dell laptop and exchange it for the highest value the market will provide, you can get a good chunk of change to use on your new work laptop.

Not convinced?

Let’s take a look at why a business laptop will make you a better employee and is the better option than choosing a consumer laptop.

1. Matte Displays Are Better

Consumer laptops these days are known for having glossy displays. After all, people using their laptop for everyday things like that shiny look.

However, for those staring into their computer screens for a long time, especially while concentrating, having a glossy screen gives off too much glare that can strain your eyes and make working difficult.

That’s why investing in a business laptop, one that comes with a more matted screen, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Unless you need touch screen capability. Then you’ll have to have to go with a glossy screen.

2. Tactile Keyboards

Typing is crucial to getting work done. And, with a business laptop you can get more typing done thanks to the responsiveness of their keyboards. Focusing on productivity, work laptops come with snappy key feedback, curved keys that are easy to identify without looking, and are oftentimes slightly larger than a consumer keyboard.

3. Extended Battery Life

If you are on the go all the time and need to access your work laptop at all hours of the day, having a long battery life is essential. Unfortunately, most laptops, business or consumer, come with sealed in batteries that you can’t swap out with upgraded battery versions.

That’s why investing in a business laptop that has a strong battery to begin with is the key to making your laptop life last as long as you need it to.

That said, many business laptops will come with a system that lets you swap out your stock battery for an upgraded version, or at the very least insert a spare for when the original battery gets low.

4. Longer Service Options

Because business laptops are designed to outlast the consumer ones, computer companies know they have to make their business computers serviceable. That means you rarely have to worry about parts being shelved (forcing you to buy a new laptop model). For example, replacement batteries, AC adapters, and internal hardware is available for years.

In fact, business laptops themselves, parts aside, are often on the market for much longer than their consumer counterparts.

5. Affordability

You might think that investing in a business laptop is out of your budget. But the truth is, a good business laptop that is capable of handling all of your work needs is only going to be about $100-$200 more than your typical consumer laptop with the same specs. On top of that, it will come with far better features and outlast the consumer model in terms of battery life and overall performance.

In the end, for those that need to work outside of the office, away from their desktop, getting a work laptop is a great option. However, which type of laptop you choose to use will make a difference in your work productivity.

That’s why choosing a business laptop, over a fun and trendy consumer laptop, is the best option. Trust us, your boss will thank you in the end when they find out much you’ve gotten done both in and out of the office.