Learn How to Download and Save Instagram Stories


The majority of people use Instagram to share their photos and videos nowadays. Simply speaking, Instagram is a very popular social network with lots of funny and beautiful photos and videos. Now, in this review we will explain to you how to download Instagram story on your device.

Instagram story download is not that hard to do. Simply put, you just need to follow next steps and you will be able to save Instagram stories without any complications.

Let’s see these steps.

1. Copy the ‘’Username’’ of the Instagram account that you want to get Instagram story from

The first step of how to download Instagram story is to find the Username of the Instagram account that you want to download Instagram story from. Simply speaking, when you click on the Instagram account, you should copy the username. The username is easy to find, you simply click on the profile and you will see the Username. Note that you can only copy the PUBLIC profile Usernames.

2. Visit the website’’Weinstag.com/instastory’’

Next step is pretty easy to do. You need to visit the Weinstag.com/instastory website. You need to type the name of the website in the address bar in your internet browser. Now, since you are on the website, you can continue to the next step.

3. You need to paste the Instagram account URL that you copied

After you came to the right website, it is time to paste the username you copied into the search box that is easy to spot. Simply put, when you visit the Weinstag.com/instastory, you will see the search box since it is the first thing that pops on the screen.

4. Search for the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button and press it

Now, when you entered the Username in the search box, next thing you need to do is to find the download button and press it. The download Instagram stories button is easily spotted right next to the search box where you copied the Username. After you completed this step, it is time to go to the last step.

5. Hit the button ‘’download’’ under each image story or button ‘’download’’ in the bottom right of each video

The last step of how to download ig stories is to find and click on the download button. Now, there are two different download buttons here. If you are downloading photos, then the download button is right beneath the image story. On the other hand, if you are downloading story videos, you need to click on the download button that is positioned in the bottom right corner of the video story.


Anyhow, having the option to save Instagram story is great since there is no such an option on the Instagram. With these information, you will be able to download Instagram stories without any troubles and save them on your device.

Never the less, if you follow these steps correctly then there should not be any complications or troubles in the downloading of the Instagram stories.