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Maintain Your Health on Your Next Vacation With These Tips for RVers

Whether you’re staying in a hotel or you’re renting an RV from Outdoorsy, it can be very tempting to put your health on hold while you enjoy yourself on vacation. From spending most of your time sitting to eating cookies out of a bag, you could end up returning home feeling worse than when you left!

The good news is, it’s fun and easy to stay on top of your health if you’re traveling in an RV! Here are a few tips that will allow you to stay on top of your health without feeling like it’s a chore.

Bring Your Own Means of Exercise

Exercising can be a huge challenge when you stay in a hotel. Chances are, you will spend most of your time in a rental vehicle driving to various places in the city where you’re staying. If you’re lucky, you might get a lot of walking in after you park your car, but that’s about it.

When you stay in an RV, you can bring along a lot more than just your feet! Consider hitching up your family’s bicycles to the back of the RV or pile a few kayaks on the top of the RV. If you’re traveling in the winter, bring along skis or snowshoes. Jump ropes and hula hoops can be fun too, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Think Carefully About Meal Planning

It’s easy to go a little crazy and treat yourself for every meal, every day while you’re on vacation. Although all those high-fat, high-sugar foods will taste good, they aren’t going to settle well in your stomach. Not to mention, eating like a king for days on end will stretch your pocketbook.

The solution is to do a little meal planning. It’s a lot easier than you think, as long as you:

  • Choose meals that are quick and easy to make
  • Focus on meals that utilize nonperishable items
  • Prep as many items ahead of time as possible
  • Have healthy snacks around, like nuts, carrot sticks, and popcorn

Park and Stay

It’s true that RVers have more opportunities to exercise because they can bring along their own bikes, kayaks, and more, but they also have more opportunities to get lazy. It can be tempting just to drive the RV into town for lunch.

Encourage your family to do more exercising by committing to parking the RV and leaving it there. By vowing not to move the RV, your family will have to find other ways to get into town.

That also means you have to think carefully about the park you’re staying in. You don’t want to stay in a park that’s too far away from all the action!

Take Frequent Stops

One of the most convenient things about traveling in an RV is comfort. It can be extremely tempting to buckle down and drive in one long shot to your destination, but it can be very bad for your health.

It is important that you get up, stretch, and move around a little bit, even if you feel perfectly comfortable sitting on the couch in the RV. Plan to make frequent stops while you’re traveling. Stopping every 2 hours and being active for at least 15 minutes will prevent stiffness when you get to your destination.

You should also be wary of driving overnight. Although you will save a lot of time, if you aren’t used to being up at night, you could be putting your family in danger. It is much better to pull over, sleep for a few hours, and get a fresh start in the morning.

Stay Clean

You don’t want to have a blast on vacation only to return home and realize that the whole family got sick! Keeping the RV clean is a must.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole vacation cleaning either. There are a lot of quick cleaning tips out there that will allow you to clean everything in a jiffy.

Don’t think just because you’re on vacation that you can take a vacation from your health as well! Follow these tips and you can stay healthy without compromising on fun while you’re away from home.